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Welcome to The Nasty Blog

Welcome to our freshly minted site, The Nasty Blog! It is no coincidence that we are launching our blog on this day, 10 December, as today is International Human Rights Day.  We are proud to raise our voices on this day and to support those around the world who continue to struggle for the realisation of the rights of all people. We hear you and we are with you.

The Nasty Blog is a human rights-based, collaborative conversation piece. Here you will find a collection of rantings and ravings on contemporary politics, human rights, and everything nasty.

Being Nasty means speaking up for what you believe is right, and speaking out against what you believe is wrong. Being Nasty means believing in the rights and equality of every person, regardless of race, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation. Believing in the indispensability of intersectionality. We are Nasty. We are unapologetically feminist. We understand that climate change is real, that the future is female, that love is love, that black lives matter, that no human being is illegal.

Here at TNB, you will find challenging ideas, invitations to rethink your opinions, and encouragement to rise up in the face of adversity. We make it a point to share positive news whenever we can. We invite you to join us in the resistance and contribute to social change via collaboration and open, engaging dialogue.

Our contributors hail from various countries and are currently scattered across the globe, however we each firmly believe in the rights, equality, and dignity of all people. You can check out more about our contributors on The Nasty Team page and take a look at our Nasty Manifesto to find out about how we were first inspired to create The Nasty Blog.

We hope that by joining us on the Nasty Blog you are with us; or that you soon will be!

Welcome to TNB. Stay Nasty.

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Human rights advocate. Aspiring adult. TNB‘s resident procrastinator. Her passions include social justice, anything business and human rights-related, and margaritas.

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