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The Nasty Blog Recommends – IWD 2018

Yesterday, we celebrated International Women’s Day and women’s rights as fundamental human rights. However, the fight to achieve gender equality continues every day and the accomplishments of women must be acknowledged all year round. With this first edition of “The Nasty Blog Recommends“, the Nasty team is delighted to share the work of some of the women that have inspired us recently:

Podcast: Jessica Gao – Whiting Wongs

The lack of diversity in movies and television is one of the elements of the patriarchy that is getting the most attention lately, and so, for International Women’s Day I am highly and aggressively recommending the podcast Whiting Wongs. Co-hosted by Rick and Morty’s creator Dan Harmon and season 3 staff writer Jessica Gao, the podcast was the result of season 3, in particular, Gao’s episode, receiving a tirade of sexist and racist abuse from the fanboy cesspools of reddit.

Gao in response, created this podcast to discuss the wider problem of over-representation of white men in writing rooms, how exactly it happened, the effects on society at large and how it can be changed. The series is a fascinating, important and honest dialogue about privilege, waking white men and the utterly complex and seemingly impossible task of untangling the less obvious forms of racism and sexism that turn up on the lighter side of the spectrum.

Listen to the podcast here.

Recommended by James.

Comedy: Malena Pichot – Estupidez compleja 

We are over the whole “Women are not funny”,  yes?
I hope we are. Malena Pichot is an Argentinian comedian that talks about feminism and empowerment in a LOL way. Yes, it is in Spanish, but Netflix has subtitles… (however, not this trailer).. but just take myword for it and go laugh out really loud.

Highlights of the trailer:
Stage Manager: Just, don’t talk about feminism, don’t say the word feminism on the show.
Malena: Got it. OK, no feminism on the show.
*Enters the show*
Malena: How many feminists do we have in the theater tonight?

Malena: The person that pays for dinner, is the person that has more money and, generally speaking, those with the best income and the better jobs are the men… so you will continue to pay for the f*cking dinner.

See, feminists are funny!

Recommended by M.O.

Poetry: Rupi Kaur – Extract from Milk and Honey 

I first read this poem last year and it resonated deeply with me. Not that I hadn’t thought about it before, how we are taught to see the value of women depending on how they look, to see OUR value depending on our own looks, but maybe we never gave it a second thought.

WHAT KIND OF F’D UP way to grow up… and maybe our parents did not do it intentionally, my teachers didn’t comment on what a sweet little girl I was with malice, it was just the way it was and even though I would l o v e to deny it, must of my first impressions, specially with women depend on their looks, or how I think they think I look… enough. E N O U G H. On this International Women’s Day lets make a concious effort to see beyond our first layer. As the poet Rupi Kaur says, from now on YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY is what all my friends are receiving. Text sent. Because they really are.

Recommended by M.O.

Poetry: Maya Angelou – Still I Rise

This P O W E R F U L spoken poem never fails. I always feel P O W E R F U L after watching it. I think it was one of the first poems I read/saw that I related this feeling of empowerment with feminism. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Maya Angelou truly was a feminist genius. A rebel. An African-American female activist. making sure she was heard and that representation matters.

Recommended by M.O.

Graphic novel: Pénélope Bagieu – Brazen, Rebel Ladies who Rocked the World 

I have been following the work of the French cartoonist Pénélope Bagieu ever since I was a teenager, and in the last months, I have been telling everyone about her last graphic novel Brazen. Initially published as a weekly blog on the newspaper website Le Monde under the title “Les Culottées”  (sassy), the English version has been released on March 6 and believe me, it is a really inspiring read. It features the stories of 30 little-known women, coming from different continents, backgrounds and times. Whether they were journalists, astronautes, activists, queens, vulcanologists or doctors, they all, at their own level, dared to change the course of history. This book is also a useful reminder that women who have shaped and continue to shape history are not all western, white, cisgender and educated.

One of my absolute favorite is the story of  Giorgina Reid, a badass grandmother who after years of hard work and dedication managed to save the Montauk Lighthouse from erosion. You can find her story here, along with some other extracts.

It has been translated into 10 languages so far and I would absolutely recommend you to check it out. Little girls – and little boys – often miss female role models growing up and it is finally time  to celebrate the life stories of all the wonderful and daring women that have too often been forgotten and invisibilized!

Recommended by Mathilde.

Music: SZA – Ctrl 

Artist on the rise, SZA is definitely one to watch out for in 2018. Her last album Ctrl has gone platinum and you can find her harmonizing with Kendrick Lamar in “All the Stars” for the Black Panther soundtrack. She’s unfiltered, with a keen ability to illustrate the universal dilemmas and insecurities of young women, all wrapped up in velvet R&B vibrations.

Her lyrics range from bold, feminist affirmations – I belong to nobody/Hope it don’t bother you/You can mind your business (“Go Gina”), to charmingly accurate testaments of love – I wanna shave my legs for you/I wanna take all of my hair down and let you lay in it (“Pretty Little Birds”). SZA’s insight resonates with the modern female experience (check “20 Something”), especially women of color, and it’s no surprise that her melodies were liberally splashed across the last season of HBO’s Insecure (Issa Rae’s noteworthy, awkward girl dram-edy is a must-see).

Here’s to hoping SZA delivers more gems in 2018, but until then I’ll have Ctrl on repeat.

Recommended by Max.

News: Amy Goodman – Democracy Now!

For fiercely independent, grassroots political news coverage, check out New York-based Democracy Now!, a news program co-created and hosted by award-winning feminist journalist Amy Goodman.

Goodman has hosted Democracy Now! for over 20 years, and her repetoire includes on-the-ground reporting of US oil companies exploitation of the Niger River Delta, the 2011 Arab Spring, protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, and a must-see interview with former President Bill Clinton. Even better, the program prominently features female voices, people of color, and grassroots activists and is funded entirely off of listener donations, with no advertisements.

Catch the news every weekday at 08:00 ET, via podcast or on their website and look here for IWD2018 coverage: 

Recommended by Max.

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