Meet the Nasty Team

The Nasty Blog is run and co-founded by a collective of human rights activists, academics, and practitioners, collaborating to promote the rights, equality, and dignity of all people. Nasty for their willingness to speak out in a world where human rights are increasingly under attack, these individuals hope to contribute to change through collective social dialogue with you!

Meet the Nasties:

Before the European Master’s in Human Rights and Democratisation, where she met the other lovely contributors to this blog, she did a master in International Relations and International Organization from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, in which she specialized in environmental issues. Her passion for human rights and the environment has grown through her voluntary work and internships with several NGOs in the field of wildlife conservation, the environment, and human and gender rights. Also regularly accused of being a tea addict. She’ll just leave it at the fact that: life without tea = inconceivable.

Scottish resident in the EU, desperately dodging Brexit jokes and reminiscing about the hopeful days before IndyRef and 2017. Cares probably too much about absolutely everything, but most especially about gender issues, the intersections between health and human rights, and the fact that the Cursed Child was so very very bad. Raised by sheep.

Dispensary of film and television quotes. A proponent of talking at unnecessary volumes coupled with unnecessary gesticulating. Enthusiast of languages, Dan Harmon, Slavoj Žižek and [s]trolling into the darkest depths of internet forums and comment sections to understand the psyche of the “other side”.  Years of living in China have made him hyper-aware of the absurd privilege of being a straight white cisgender male and want to stab his eyes with a fork when fellow SWCM’s fail to see this themselves. Currently residing in Bangkok where he is interning with an NGO that works to prevent the sexual exploitation of children, with his work focusing on sexual exploitation in travel and tourism. Lover of Old Fashioneds, relating situations to scenes from films, and Udon noodles.

French contributor to the TNB who loves debating politics around a good dinner or apéro. Recent graduate in human rights and democratisation, after a first master’s in international relations and crisis management. Passionate about human rights diplomacy, her secret dream is to be elected next UN Secretary General. More seriously, she has experience in advocacy and is interested in migration issues, populism and European politics. Along with traveling around, establishing that werewolf is the best board game of all times is one of her main life goals. 

Meg, codename Brie. Resident cheese whiz and face-in-hole meme creator. Hails from the realm of Winchester, and currently resides in London, working for the British Red Cross. After having received her degree in history at Exeter, she seeks to create history by being a fierce feminist leader that one day will blow us all away. In her free time she enjoys cheese, the color orange, and trying her hardest not to fall on icy ground.

Elle is from Seattle, a place that’s hard to miss. She flew to Venice to study human rights, in spritz and pizza bliss. Next Elle moved to Finland researching indigenous rights. She loves the snow, the forests, the lakes, and of course the Northern Lights. A fearless leader, a dance/yoga/jumper lover, and a wonderful friend. Elle will fight for what is right until the very end. Poem by Meg

History graduate turned University Exams coordinator and Samaritans volunteer, turned human rights student. Most wants to debate issues on gender, mental health, the intersection of technology and human rights, and why Brexit is awful. Key skills include drinking an ungodly amount of tea and being able to do the whole rap for ‘Guns and Ships’.  Frankie loves paid internships and sure would love to have one someday.

Mean lean ginger law machine. Belgian law student passionate about and interested in human rights law, Belgian/EU/world politics and basically everything non-stupid. He aspires to not be the world’s worst self-taught drummer, at which he is currently failing miserably. In his free time he likes to jump off stages during concerts, play soccer, and do stuff with the people he will never admit he loves.

Human rights advocate. Aspiring adult. TNB‘s resident procrastinator. Recent master’s graduate in human rights, with a bachelor’s in sociology, and experience in college access equity, refugee livelihood support, and corporate accountability. Her passions include social justice, anything business and human rights-related, and margaritas. When she’s not amateur blogging or filled with existential dread about the state of American democracy, you might find her mid-dance battle, raging against late capitalism, or plotting the patriarchal takedown with her fellow nasties.

Mexican Feminist. Lover of coffee, tequila, and all human rights. Especially passionate about women’s rights, LGTBQ rights, equality and a firm believer in education as a way to fight gender violence. Quit her job in the private sector and changed career paths, to follow her love and passion for HR, as she enrolled in a master’s in Human Rights and Democratisation, for which she has recently graduated alongside the bright minds of this blog. Not so recent graduate of a bachelor’s in International Relations. Still trying to adult. Afraid of becoming a starving artist, minus the artist… also afraid of balloons. It’s a thing. Google it.  

Accomplished procrastinator – in fact this very bio was written only minutes before its deadline – his passions are economic and gender rights which is a non hipstery way of saying “down with capitalism and the patriarchy”. Nonetheless for the sake of full disclosure he will admit that he is a massive hipster. His background includes a bachelor’s degrees in computer science and philosophy and a master’s in human rights.

To find out how The Nasty Blog came to be, check out our manifesto here.

*Some contributors of this blog are not identified by their real names. This is in order to separate their work with TNB from the various organizations and institutions they are affiliated with, so that we can offer you content that is brave and independent. All opinions and ideas expressed here are attributable to the author only and do not represent anything other than their personal beliefs.